October Vibes 

October has us feeling all the Fall Vibes. The morning sunrises have been so beautiful here. I absolutely love our October skies and crisp mornings!  The leaves are falling off the trees and are the most beautiful colors. The evenings are splendid as well. 

With Halloween fast approaching we have a ton of work still to complete with finalizing our Haunted garage (Butcher Shop Theme) and still adding decorations outside. In the meantime though Jordan and I whipped up some cupcakes, AKA as Happy Cakes per Jordan. 

Kitchen Linen and Small plate old from Crate & Barrel. 

Also, our sweet little Jazzy girl is three months old today! I can’t get over how quickly the past three months have gone by. She is the sweetest baby ever! She smiles constantly, loves to watch her big brothers, and is very content. We are still up two-three times per night for feedings and changing of diapers. I can’t wait to introduce her to solid foods in the next month once we get the okay from her pediatrician. We love you to pieces sweet Jasmine!! 

Weekend Overview

We kicked off the weekend heading to Jonathan’s Fall Festival at his School. It is always a super fun event that the kids love going to. We walked around his entire school playing different games at each of the classrooms. They also had two bounce houses for the kids to bounce in. The kids were allowed to wear their costumes to the event as well. Jonathan dressed up as a swamp zombie and Jordan as Iron Man. 

Saturday Jonathan played his last soccer game of the season. His team went undeafeated!!! Jonathan scored two goals and had an assist. He has decided that he wants to explore Hip Hop and breakdancing so I will be reasearching what’s offered in our area. 

Sunday rolled around so quick, but we completed some more decorating outside and carved a pumpkin. We are testing the bleach and water mixture to see if it will last until Halloween night. If not it will give us an excuse to carve some more. The boys had a great time and we plan on roasting the pumpkin seeds one evening this week. 

I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Inside Halloween Decor 

So I wanted to share a few pictures of our Halloween decorating so far this year. We are mostly done decorating the inside of our home, but will continue to put decorations outside until the night of Halloween when we put EVERYTHING out! I say everything because it literally takes us all day to stage, prep the Haunted garage, and make sure everything is turned on before the trick-or-treaters arrive. My husband will start putting decorations out October 1st and he tries to put one new decoration out per day. I will post an outdoor Halloween decor post later.

Growing up I remember a set of Halloween pumpkins my mother would put out each year and I looked forward to seeing them every year. I hope that our decorating and traditions will stick with our kiddos and they will share the same experiences with their future families. 

Owl and Bat Luminary old from Pottery Barn Kids / Lights 

Candles, Skull Luminay, Boo candy holders all old from Pottery Barn Kids 

All Pumpkins and Candles old from Pottery Barn Kids/ Pom Pom Garland made by myself 

Halloween Countdown Calendar and Placemats old from Pottery Barn Kids / Bats 

Haunted Houses and Witch Garland old from Pottery Barn Kids 

Happy Halloween Garland and Accordian Halloween Decor old from Pottery Barn Kids 

I hope you have a wonderful Week and Happy decorating!!! 

Fall Break 

Jonathan had the past week off from school since it was his School’s Fall Break. We had such beautiful Fall weather! The boys helped their Dad decorate outside, we picked leaves, and picked up some more pumpkins for the front of the house. Jordan absolutely loves having his big brother around. They have been wearing their costumes all day and playing outside together.

Boys shirts from Carters

We also made one of Jonathan’s favorite meals, Hoppin John. It is so simple and tasty! There are many recipes and ways to make your Hoppin John based upon your preferences. However, I rinse a bag of black eyed peas and put in the crockpot, adding about three cups of water. Then add about 5 beef bullion cubes. I let cook until black eyed peas are soft (also, I will add more water as needed). Then brown Italian sausage and add to crockpot. I make white rice in my rice cooker and serve the Hoppin John over white rice. It’s so yummy and a nice Fall meal. You can make with cornbread as well!

Kitchen linen old from Crate and Barrel / Soup Bowl 

Well we are heading into Sunday trying to soak up Jonathan’s last day before he is heading back to school. We will be doing lots of lounging, laundry, and preparing for the busy week ahead. Here is a picture of our little Jazzy girl that we just can’t get enough of!

Headband / Booties from Carter’s

Halloween Books 

With October in full swing, we have put away our Fall Books and updated to our Fav Halloween Books. With each changing season and Holiday I try to update the kiddos books to keep them excited about what’s to come. Jonathan has required reading he has to complete for school each night so while he is doing his homework it is nice to grab a book and read to Jordan and Jasmine. Jonathan will always come and join in after he completes his work. These are currently what the boys have on their shelves. 

Top Ledge Book 1/ Book 2/ Book 3

Bottom Ledge Book 1/ Book 2/ Book 3 

Top Ledge Book 1/ Book 2/ Book 3

Bottom Ledge Book 1/ Book 2/ Book 3 

We try to begin and end our day with a few stories. If we don’t start our day off we will definitely at some point of the day when I notice the boys need some down and quiet time read a few stories. Jordan is at a fun age where he has a few stories that he really enjoys and he will ask me to read them over and over. As much as I enjoy it, it is nice to ask him if he would like to hear a story from his shelf that we haven’t read in awhile by changing the book themes with the changing seasons and Holidays. 

My overall hope is to instill a love for reading in my kiddos. What are your kiddos favorite Halloween books? 

Hello October 

October is one of our favorite Months of the year! It is such a busy Month for us since we always have a themed Haunted House in our garage the night of Trick-or-Treat, decorate the inside and outside of our house, and most importantly our Jordan will be turning 3 at the end of the Month. 

Last week I picked up some pumpkins and we will start our decorating right away! Jonathan is on Fall Break this week which allows  us to plan a lot of fun and festive activities. We will be heading to the park a lot, gathering some of the beautiful changing leafs for a fun art project (still to be determined), and getting to sleep in spooky pajamas! 

Jordan and Jonathan’s pajamas are from the Gap last year and Jasmine’s pajamas you can find here

The boys are always so excited for October 1st because they know all the decorations will be coming out and they love to give their input on what should go where. They especially love to help their Dad decorate (which my husband is slightly obsessed with Halloween)! I will be posting a house tour of all the decorations (both inside and out) once we get everything finalized. Until then, we have a few decorations out! 

Eat, Drink & Be Scary Candle / Paper Straws  

I would love to hear how you and your kiddos like to decorate for Fall and Halloween. Have a great week! 

Snack Time 

Snacks and snack time is a must around our house. I am always trying to reinvent or put a spin on healthy, kid pleasing snacks. I do find as the Seasons change so will our snacks and meals. The boys are currently loving apples, graham crackers, peanut butter, and some caramel apple dip. Presentation is helping me have the most success while trying to get my almost three year old who has suddenly turned into a very particular eater to want to eat. If I put his snack in a cool little container opposed to a boring plate he is much more inticed to eat. Even  Jonathan enjoys seeing his snacks displayed in an unique way. I will use a silicone tray that I bought at our local grocery store (similar here) or an egg crate. The dividers make it easy to put different snacks in while giving the food a fun presentation.

Another fun way to make sandwiches come alive is to use a sandwich cutter or a cookie cutter to make their favorite sandwiches even more fun to eat! Jordan is not a fan of sandwiches, but I can usually get him to eat a few bites if it is in a fun shape. 

I would love to hear what are some of your kiddos favorite snacks. Hope you have a great weekend! 

Monday Must-Haves

Why and how is it that Mondays come around so quickly? I feel I need to embrace Mondays better and what better way to than with a few Monday Must-Haves. With Fall officially here I love to get our home smelling and feeling like Fall. This Hello Fall candle from Bath and Body Works has all the Fall vibes and has a warm and inviting scent. I also am a monthly subscriber to the Martha Stewart Living Magazine, this months edition has so many fun and festive receipes, Halloween costumes ideas, and overall inspiration. I love to drink my morning coffee before the kiddos are up and bouncing off the walls and flip through the pages for fun and new Fall ideas. 

I recently purchased the boys these pajamas from Carters. They are so warm and cozy! As the weather is changing and getting cooler at night they love to sleep in their onesies. Jonathan loves to come home from school and get right into his pj’s and I can’t say I don’t blame him. 

A few items that are on my radar is this camo beanie and these cozy socks. Nothing says Fall to me like camouflage and a pair of knee high socks. I am a bit obsessed right now with military green colors and anything camo. Another item that I think is a must-have is this Halloween onesie, with Halloween right around the corner it would be fun to jump into these before bed and read some stories to the kiddos. 

I hope you have a fabulous week! 

Weekend Overview

The weekends are always so bitter sweet! Can’t wait for Friday to come and then Sunday arrives in a blink of an eye. Jonathan had a soccer game on Saturday and the rest of the weekend was full of rest and relaxation. The boys did some reading, painting, and a little video game playing. 

Book 1 / Book 2

Paint Holder 

Boys pajamas are from Carters 

Our sweet little Jasmine has learned how to smile so we are enjoying taking turns to see who can make her smile the most ( so far Jonathan thinks he is in the lead). 

We did end our weekend making Taco Soup which is a favorite at our house. The receipe is so simple and it is delicious. First, brown ground lean beef (1-2 lbs), then in a soup pot add 3 cups water, 1 large can of whole peeled tomataoes, 1 15oz. Can diced tomatoes, 1 15 oz. can whole corn (drained), 1 15oz. can of dark kidney beans (drained and rinsed), 2 tablespoons of chili powder, chopped white onion, and two packets of taco seasoning mix. Add your ground beef ( I also season beef while cooking with salt, pepper, and minced garlic). Let boil and serve with tortilla chips, sour cream, shredded cheese, radish, green onions, and avacadoes. Seriously so yummy!! 

Hope you have a great week! 

Diaper Bag 

I love a good diaper bag and this Grey Fawn Design bag does not dissapoint. I love that it has two wearing style options making this bag very versital. First, my go to, the backpack style, which I have realized I love wearing a backpack. Second option, you can wear as a messenger bag. I wanted a diaper bag that didn’t necessarly look like a diaper bag, but had all the functionality of one. Now that I have three kiddos that just means I need to cart along three times the stuff so I love that this bag has multiple pockets. Another great feature is that if something spills on the inside or outside it’s an easy clean up. 

So here is what I am currently keeping in this gorgeous bag when we are out and about. Not pictured, I will always throw some snacks (go go squeeze, raisins, goldfish etc.) in before we head out the door because we all know how much our kiddos love their snacks! Also, my cell phone, chapstick, and wallet. The front pocket is great for my cell phone, easy access to put it away or quickly grab if needed. 

I try to keep the essentials only, but with all the pocket availability I am able to always add a few extras. Diapers, wipes, extra clothes, changing pad, swaddle blanket, nursing cover/car seat cover, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, boogie wipes, and burp cloths. I am always changing and updating what’s in our bag because I feel the stages go so quickly. 

Pacifier holder (similar here).  

I would love to hear what your favorite diaper bag is and the items you keep in it.